Friday, March 19, 2010

Stomach Virus

Hello everyone,
Sorry I havn't been posting. I caught an aweful stomach bug and was in the hospital for half a day. I thought I was dying! It is called Gastroinyoridis. Apparently, it is a form of the stomach flu that has nothing to do with the influenza flu. It usually lasts 24-48 hours and can is contracted from food. The weird thing is that it is not food poisoning. Mine only lasted about 14 hours because I have had it before. If you are diabetic and have something like this, the most important advise I can give you is to check your blood sugar often!!! This is important because usually when a diabetic gets sick, their blood sugar could get out of control. You don't want your blood sugar to get too high or too low. Other than that everything is going really well. My blood sugar was high last night. I think it got high because I did not count my carbs correctly for dinner. Me and my girlfriend had dinner at Chillies with my parents last night so it also could have just been the fatty content of the food that made my blood sugar high. I wish that restuarants would have a book sitting next to the condoments at the table with all the labels of everything in each entree. That would be very helpful. I'm surprised more places havn't started to do that yet because diabetes is one of the most common diseases. Well I got to go, but I'll start posting more frequently now that I am less busy.

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